I am living, breathing, eating, and sleeping in dog hair?


sosagely need help to clarify doubt about : I am living, breathing, eating, and sleeping in dog hair!!!!?
I have a lab. He has always been a shedder, but I just had a baby 7 months ago and am soooooo sick of my son having dog hair on his clothes, on his toys, etc. I vacuum daily, but it doesn’t seem to help. I recently took him to get groomed where he was bathed and shaved.
What do you do to control dog hair in your house?

Try this:

Answer by Katie H
you eliminate the hair by eliminating the dog.
It won’t just be good for you it will be so much healthier for your baby.

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  1. I find that hepa air purifiers help. I have one in each room. I use the pet brush with thin wires and go over the rug, couch, etc. Check with your doctor to see if the child is affected in any way. You could keep the dog outside more often until the child gets older. Labs like the feeling they are protecting the home. Our neighbor has a lab, and it loves to lie down watching the world walk by, giving an occasional woof.

  2. Animals shed excessively when they are stressed. Could be having the new baby might be a factor…..don’t get rid of the baby! Hopefully you have a yard that you can let the pooch run around in and play with him outside. When you do bring him in, limit the space he’s allowed to be in with “gates” in the doorways.

  3. It sounds like he might be stressed…Stress will cause him to shed more and so will a low quality dog food…If the fist ingredient on the bag is corn, there’s part of the problem..You need to feed a food in which the first ingredient is poultry or lamb or whatever protein you choose..

    You’re going to have to give him a good brushing every few days to get rid of the shed hair before it gets into the environment..
    They make a special brush called a “shedding rake” or “undercoat rake”…It looks funny but it gets through the top coat to “rake” out the loose undercoat..That’s where the offending stuff is coming from..

    Also, there are supplements you can add to his diet that will make him shed less…Most are high in omega 3 fatty acids and most come in a liquid form…I once had a persian cat that shed sooooo bad no matter what I fed him…I started squirting this stuff on his food that said it would improve his coat and I’ll be darned, most of his shedding stopped..


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