Looking for a good bagless vaccuum


DrkBreizzy need help to clarify doubt about : Looking for a good bagless vaccuum…?
I have had bagless vaccuums that have all the dirt shipped through the hose before it goes back into the vaccuum. I am looking for one that doesnt have the hose hooked up for the sweeper to work. I want to have to hook up the hose only if i want to use the attatchments and things.

Thank you in advance.
(i also don’t want to buy a dyson.. (too expensive just for a sweeper)

Try this:

Answer by elims4ever
I have the Eureka Optima. (The green vacuum with the round handle.) It costs around $ 50-75 and works really great. I am the owner of two pugs and believe me they shed everywhere! If you want to switch to the hose you just turn the knob on the bottom. And it stores easily. It is small and relatively cheap but surprisingly works just as well, if not better, than some of the more expensive ones. (My parents have a 300 dollar vacuum and I think mine works better.)

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  1. We recently bought a “Shop Vac” to use as our household vacuum. It was one of the best purchase ideas we ever had.
    A shop vac will pick up wet or dry substances, has more horsepower than a vacuum cleaner, has the same attachments and costs anywhere from $ 40 – $ 80 at Sears or other home supply stores.


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