Maintaining Bagless Vacuum Cleaners


Me showing how to maintain bagless vacuum cleaners. Most bagless vacuums i trash pick have dirty, or clogged filters. It does not matter if its a Dyson, or not. All bagless vacuums need regular maintnance.


  1. personally I hate the bagless vacuums because they require more maintenence than the bagged ones. with the bagged ones all you do is replace the bag and you’re good to go! ^^

  2. really craig? ok well i will just buy a new vaccum then. do you like the hepa system on vaccums or not? dyson any good? i know they are very expensive for a vaccum

  3. Its a good vacuum as far as motor longevity. Very simple, and cheap to maintain too. Just had to buy a belt from time to time. If this one breaks i will buy another one. Walmart still sells them.

  4. i really dont look at the hepa system when buying a vacuum because i dont have allergies. ive heard people with allergies buy non hepa bissells, and the vacuum cleans so good that the hepa is useless. walmart sells hepa bissell vacuums for 15 dollars more than the regular bissells. its the same vacuum but more of a gadgety model. dyson is overrated, and overpriced.

  5. An old wooden Santa Cruz skateboard from the 1970’s. Bought it at the thrift for 4 bucks, and resold it on Ebay for 152 bucks.

  6. That is the worse vacuum ever made!! Every one I’ve found, and thats about 5 or so, the motor works but it
    s VERY loud, from not having maintained filters.


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