What material is filters for a vacuum cleaner made out of ?


Jamie need help to clarify doubt about : What material is filters for a vacuum cleaner made out of ?
I ask as I need to make some for my JMB SC1056 cylinder hoover! Would “fleece” be ok or would it get sucked through the vents?

Just the name of the material or an alternative material would get a 5 star rating!

Try this:

Answer by Shawana Storm
What the hell is a five star rating? Is it worth a cup of coffee?

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  1. The Hepa filter that is used is not a fleece material. You really don’t need the outgoing filter at all but the reason for it is to limit the amount of dirty air returned to the house.
    A HEPA is a high efficiency particulate air filter and the ability to pass air and not pass 99.5% of the Dirt is the whole idea behind the filter.

    NOW if you are instead talking about the filter that is dark and kinda grainy, this is a charcoal filter and neutralizes the air going to the suction blower. Fleece will not work there either as it has to be rigid enough and fleece isn’t a filter material anyway. you could go get some poly batting and use that but then you would be easier to go get a new filter..


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