Mieles S5 Vacuum Cleaner testing


This videos shows the stringent testing of Miele vacuum cleaners in Bielefeld, Germany. We subject our motor to a lifetime of 1000 hours – 400 hours beyond that which international test institutes demond.


  1. What a great company. We are about to buy a Miele Vacuum cleaner after reading all of the great reviews. Seeing this video confirms all of those positive reviews.

    We purchased a second hand Miele Washig machine 2 years ago, it’s on older vesion but we can’t fault it for reliability and performance.

    Highly recommend their products.

  2. Please tell me which model I need for my need… for hard floor, living with dogs. I get tons of dirt, dust, dog hairs and suffer allergy from micro particles in the air, dust mites, dead skin, etc, etc. I am thinking that is the problem with my allergy anyway, I have an iRobot, but I need one to reach corners and high spots. I can not afford too much, but do not want to waste money either…. any advice please to which model I need ?


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