Please advice me that which of these vaccum cleaners I should go for.


Can someone please advice me that which of these vaccum cleaners I should go for.

The VAX VZL-702 has some special price offers going on at the moment and is available at a price of £50-60 at some online stores:

The Dyson DC18 Allergy is the top of the line upright vaccum cleaner from Dyson and is available between £185-269 on the internet:

The problem is that there is a price difefrence of around £100-150 between VAX and DYSON cleaners listed above. And that is where I am having the biggest confusion.

I unserstand that investing in Dyson would be a good choice but do I really need that one. If the VAX VZL-702 does all what I need that why not go for this one and save myself around 100-120 Quid.

I have read the reviews for both of them and both the products have had extremely good reviews.

Any ideas which one to go for??


  1. Definitely the Dyson. I have the Dyson Animal and it is the BEST vaccum I ever owned. I have three dogs, one cat and two rabbits so I have a challenge when it comes to pet hair. There is not a bad thing about the vaccum. It is so easy to use and the attachments are great.

  2. Dyson by far…they are worth the extra money. They never clog and they clean the best. I have three kids, three cats, and a dog and you would never know I do because I own a dyson and it cleans up all the hair and stuff from the kids sooo well. I know they are spendy but look at it this way, this will be the last vaccum cleaner you will have to buy (most likely) and its worth the investment…hope that helps.


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