1. Of course consumer reports or epinions.com.
    For my own two cents I have not found one that I like as well as the plain old bagged vacuums. Sorry.

  2. I love my bagless. It is a Ureka. Great. Just go to the trash and empty it and away it goes. Plus, It blows me away (no pun) to see how much debris/dirt it actually picks up! Yikes!

  3. I own a Dyson Animal vacuum that is bagless. I absolutely love it and the only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner. I have a Newfoundland dog. He sheds tremendous amounts of hair and the Dyson does not miss one strand of hair when I vacuum. A Dyson is worth every dollar you spend on it.

  4. We got a bagless about 3 months ago and I really like it. I have learned a few things about them since using this one.

    1. Never fill the vacuum chamber up. It will plug the hepa filter and stop sucking.
    2. Tap the dirt and crud out of the hepa filter after each use. Do it outside in the trash can and stand up wind.
    3. I wash out the vacuum chamber after each use.
    4. Never let vacuumed stuff sit in the vacuum chamber overnight.
    5. My bagless vacuum has a lot more suction than any bagger I ever owned or used.
    6. Don’t vacuum the cat with a bagless.


  5. Do not get a dirt devil. That is the best advice I can give you… I bought one for my apartment and it lasted about 2 weeks… Do Not Buy It!!!

  6. I would only buy a bagless. It’s amazing how much dirt you dump into the trash after each use, and I would hate to have that sitting in my closet waiting for me to change the bag. Also, the replacement bags seem to always be difficult (impossible!) to find at the store. Bagless vacuums just seem so much cleaner.

  7. I have both a bagless as well as an bag type. The only problems I have found with the bagless is the filters clog up fast, which cuts down on the suction. If you have a lot of animal hair in your home I wouldn’t buy a bagless. The fact that the filters for them are so very expensive is also a down fall. (here we pay over $50.00 for a filter) I just bought a hoover spirit and much prefer it. It is one of the lower cost vacuums out there and the power it has is amazing.
    By the way I own a home cleaning business.


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