How do you remove pet hair from wall-to-wall carpeting?


l’etoile need help to clarify doubt about : How do you remove pet hair from wall-to-wall carpeting?
The vacuum isn’t cutting it! I have a sponge thing that gets it up but I don’t want to use it on the whole house, it would take days.
Would a steam cleaner just get it wet?

Try this:

Answer by Kelly R
U can use a whole lotta tape, lots of lint rollers, or buy a better vacuum!

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  1. the pet hair might clog up a steam cleaner. what kind of vacuum do you have? I have a bagless Hoover, one of those “WindTunnel” ones, it picks up my cats’ hair. they are both long haired cats. I think Hoover even has a vacuum specifically designed for pet hair. might be worth investing in

  2. I think you need a better vacuum. It should be able to pick up pet hair. Did you check the bag on the vacuum to make sure it isn’t full? Possibly the hose is blocked?

  3. I don’t like endorsing products, but honestly, I have always had several cats in the house and the best thing I ever found to pick up the hair is my Dyson Animal. It is a miserable vaccuum for anything but carpet, but it will pick up animal hair from any carpet like nobody’s business. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else for that particular job. But its a “one trick pony” otherwise.


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