How do I remove pet urine smell from my carpet?


jhgfd need help to clarify doubt about : How do I remove pet urine smell from my carpet?
My dog has chosen one room in my house as her personal bathroom. Now that potty training is through, I would like to remove the smell. I have a hoover pet carpet cleaner that I have used. I also tried an enzyme based product from my carpet cleaner representative. With that, and after the carpet has been professionally cleaned three times, it still smells very strong in the room. My carpet pad has a plastic covering. What should I do?

Try this:

Answer by Shan
The best urine odor remover I’ve ever found is Lemon Scented Pine Sol.

I had a problem with cat urine smells when I babysat my father’s cat. I tried Vinegar, Baking Soda, Urine Gone, and Febreze. None of these worked for me. What finally eliminated stench of cat pee was Lemon Scented Pine Sol. Nothing else even dented that smell. If Lemon Pine Sol can remove the smell of cat urine, dog urine is a piece of cake.

Pour undiluted Lemon Scented Pine Sol into a spritzer bottle and spray the carpet with this. Allow to dry. Repeat if necessary.

Small warning: the scent of the Lemon Pine Sol will be absolutely overwhelming for a while (it actually made me woozy), but the smell dissipates. And once it does the urine smell will be gone — not covered up, but gone. And it will not return.

I don’t know why the Lemon Pine Sol works, I just know that it does…even on carpet.

Make sure you use the Lemon Scented Pine Sol, not the regular scent.

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  1. As a professional carpet cleaner, my suggestion is to permanently remove the carpet. In My experience with plastic covered pad, that may have to be removed as well, as urine will seep down between the seams and get on the wood floor below the pad. If this is the case, the pad will also have to be tossed as well. The wood floor will have to be sealed, if you skip this, bacterial odors, similar to ammonia, will permeate up through the new pad and carpeting. Professional carpet cleaning can not reach the back side of the carpet or remove what is laying on top of the pad, or the floor below it. Be careful down the road to prevent other people’s pets from entering your home. Marking territory’s is a common practice with pets. Topical treatments are worthless with this type of contamination.


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