Where to rent dry vapor steam cleaner in houston ?


Rahul need help to clarify doubt about : Where to rent dry vapor steam cleaner in houston ?
I want to clean my house, especially carpet, by using heavy duty dry vapor steam cleaner (temp atleast 300 deg F, and pressure 100 psi). I was looking to rent such a steam cleaning equipment and i tried looking up at the nearby homedepot, krogers, walmart, etc but no success. I am clueless as where to go looking for it now. If I go for buying one, its very expensive. Any suggestions ?

Try this:

Answer by unhappy_camper
You probably won’t be able to find a dry steam cleaner locally without spending upwards of $ 5000 for a moderate quality machine, and these are available from commercial cleaning/janitorial supply companies who may not even sell to an individual. You are better off hiring a service vendor to come in and clean your house if this is what you really want.

The locations that rent carpet machines have only cold-water extractors which is preferred for carpet. Steam melts soils and contaminants into the carpet fibers and you’ll never get them clean using the steam method. If you suffer from allergies or asthma start with an air duct cleaning before you move to the carpets, and use HEPA filters in your air conditioner when you’re done.

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