Shopping for a new Vacuum, I have a windtunnel and it picks up great?


The problem is that it is too heavy and the brushes are starting to melt. Also, it is a huge chore to empty the canister because of the filter, it is so messy I have to take the canister outside and it weighs a ton. What do you recomend? I like the idea of the bagless, but are there any that aren’t so messy to empty?


  1. It’s expensive, but we are on our 2nd Rainbow and we love it. It uses water so you see everything it picks up, dump it outside when you are through, and can go through it if you lost something that you may have picked up while vacuuming. It has attachments for cleaning bed mattresses, blinds, furniture, etc. and also has a hepa filter to clean the dirt and dust out of the air in the room. I clean houses for a living and I’ve not used anything at anyone’s homes that compares to it.

  2. I agree with you about the Windtunnel, I bought a windtunnel 2 last year and sold it at a yardsale within a few months. It was so cumbersome and heavy, also difficult to empty, and the Hepa filter kept getting clogged with hair from my two dogs. So I bought a Dyson animal and I am extremely happy with it.


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