Should I buy a Dyson or a Eureka vacuum?


I have already bought a new Dyson DC-14 for 8. I have not opened the box, so I may return it. I live in a home with a dog that sheds. I have heard that the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Pet Lover is a very powerful vacuum that excels at picking up dog hair. The price is around 0. Which is the better vacuum for my situation? My house does have stairs and two stories. I have no experience with Eureka products, but although I have never owned a Dyson vacuum I am amazed by some of their other products.

I prefer the bagless feature of the Dyson, but the price of the Eureka is cheaper.

Considering price, features, and the need to pick up dog hair, which is the better vacuum for me?


  1. I say your best bet is to return the Dyson. Although Most Dyson products are astounding I know first hand the Dyson Vacuum (even the animal) doesnt do well with DOg hair. My mom has it and it constantly loses suction all together. SHe asks to borrow my vacuum frequently which I spent $79 dollars on about 3 years ago. Its a Eureka. I have recently bought a SHark but I dont have pets (I only have a toddler 😉

  2. go to consumer reports, dyson was only mid level. I have a hoover bagless, works great for three dogs and a cat.

  3. I can tell you that Eureka does not make their own vacuum cleaners any more. They are all made in China by a company that bought the name. They have terrible customer service so if anything goes wrong you are really stuck. Dyson or Miele are the way to go.


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