Can you use a hoover carpet steam cleaner without chemicals?


Brehm need help to clarify doubt about : Can you use a hoover carpet steam cleaner without chemicals?
does anyone know if there are any carpet steam cleaners (that actually work good) on the market that you do not need to use a chemical cleaning solution in addition to the steam. I have a baby, so there are constantly messes, ie) spit up and pee getting on to my carpets. I want to clean them, however do not want to use any chemicals that he will come in contact with when on the floor.

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Answer by wise one
I have a Hoover steam cleaner and I use OUT! It is sold in the pet aisle in Walmart and some grocery stores. It is for urine, vomit and feces clean up of both human and animal. I use a cup of this in the machine and the rest hot water. Then I steam clean as usual. Also I will do a plain rinse to make sure everything is out of the carpet. It does not smell strong. It does have a light baby powder scent and it does not seem to be a strong chemical or my dog and I would have a reaction to it. I use it on all of carpeting in my home.

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