Can i use an iron and a hoover on my pool table?


jake d need help to clarify doubt about : Can i use an iron and a hoover on my pool table?
My pool table is really dirty and i was wondering if i could use a regular hoover to clean it.
and i no you can get irons for ironing the cloths on pool tables, but would you be able to do that with an ordinary household iron?

Try this:

Answer by xsailor367
You can use a vacuum, DO NOT use one with a beater brush. If you are going to vacuum the table just use the hose extension and attachments if it’s an upright with the brush. As for ironing it… is your cloth really that loose that it needs to be ironed? if so I would seriously consider getting it reclothed.

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  1. Don’t use a regular vacuum, try using a whisk broom (those hand held brooms), gently and pick up any needles from the whisk broom. As far as your cloth goes, if it’s that wrinkled, get it reclothed.

  2. you can use a regular vac on pool cloth. you can use a whisk broom for under the rails and then take a damp cloth that does not leave lint for wiping down the cloth and rails. make sure you always whisk, vac, and wipe in the same direction.


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