1. I have had both bagged and bagless vacuums over the years. Personally, I really like my Dyson bagless vacuum over all. I’ve had it for 4 years. Bagged vacs are nice and easy to empty, as a prior poster has stated. However, the bags end up in the landfill. I like my Dyson because the commercials are right, it doesn’t lose suction like normal bagless vacs do. When it’s time to empty, I just take the canister outside to my dumpster, push the button and let it empty there. Then once every 6 months you have to clean the filter by running it under a clean water faucet. I have had a Kenmore bagless upright prior to getting the Dyson and I hated it. The filter on it was constantly plugging up and I had to empty it and use my hubby’s air compressor to blow out the filter twice each time I vacuumed the whole house. I did test it against my Dyson right after I got it and the Dyson picked up SO much more than the Kenmore bagless did. I will be frank with you in that my Dyson is a rather heavy vacuum. I’ve heard they’ve gotten lighter over the last 4 years, though.

    I really like the Dyson over the Kirby my mother-in-law has. If you do decide you would prefer a bagged vac, I recommend the Kenmore canister vac. My mom has had 2 kenmore canister vacs in the last 20 years (which is why I bought the Kenmore bagless in the first place). Her first one lasted 14 years before it died, now the other is about 6 years old and it still runs great.

  2. All vacuum cleaners, regardless of whether or not they have bags, need to have the filter’s changed on a regular basis.

    I have owned a bagless and did not like it. When you come to empty it, the dust flies everywhere. Not nice. Bags are cleaner and all the dirt is contained in them, so you don’t get it everywhere. This is just my own personal experience with them. I hope this has helped you.


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