What vacuum cleaner should I get?


Very confused need help to clarify doubt about : What vacuum cleaner should I get?
Needs to have a long hose to clean the stairs. Be able to clean under furniture without tipping over. Needs to be easy to maneuver. Needs to be powerful.

Try this:

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I would go to Sears they have a fabulous selection and I’ve always had excellent luck with Hoover.

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  1. def a milo!
    picks up dog hair brillianntly & crumbs! but its not an upright. The hose can click into itself & disapear! button 2 to real the cable cord in. It can be very powerful even on silent mode.

  2. Hoovers are very good for the price. I’ve had several. If you have the money, a Kirby is VERY good. It does everything. I own one and I love it. I’ve heard that Rainbow is very good as well.


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