vacuum cleaner gets hot and turns off on its own?


I figured its overheating.. its bagless and i’ve emptied the container. The brushes underneath aren’t all tangled up with hair or anything. Any thing I can do to fix it? I’ve had it for maybe 4 months so I can’t return it to the store..
well i looked in the hose.. i can see all the way down through hose.. nothing stuck in it. GRRR!!! I’m tired of not being able to just vacuum without taking breaks to let it cool down


  1. Are all your filters in place? This happened to me when I accdently threw one away. Check your hoses and check that you filters do not need cleaning/replacing. I don’t know where you are from but in UK if it is under 1 year old it should be replaced by the shop, but check the filters and hoses first.

  2. Look in the hoses, maybe something is stuck in there? And your sure that nothing is wrapped around the brush? sorry that is all the help I can give you.

  3. Surely your hose is blocked.
    Turn it on and try to feel the suction. There might be something blocking the hose. You can open the hose going from the bottom part of the cleaner towards the dust reservoir. Clean it up and then check the suction power. Hope this helps.

  4. I would check all the filters…they get pretty clogged up…pretty quick….I do not know what brand you have..but in the one I use there are 2 other filters that need to be cleaned frequently…hope this helps


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