vacuum cleaners?


I need an upright, bagless vacuum cleaner that will last for years and isn’t too heavy to carry up and down stairs. It also should be able to work on all floor types. There are so many types out there, I don’t know which one is best!


  1. hoover is a personal fav. as a service tech in the appliance industry I find the most reliable is the old names like hoover, the old kirbys and such but as for light wieght and what not… I find the lighter you go the more it breaks, you might want to look at the store you gonna buy from, make sure theres a decent warrenty, and possible a good maintenance plan

  2. I would suggest a Sanitaire vacuum, which is the commercial line of Electrolux. The SC5845 model is bagless, can do bare floors and tile and is decent it weight. Not to many upright bagless vacuums are light, but this one is not heavy neither. It’s a commercial grade and will last for years.

  3. I work in a vac sales/repair shop and for my money, the Panasonic is the best bang for the buck. VERY reliable, very powerful. Not the lightest, but not the heaviest either. Dirt Devil is good, but tend to have a lot of "plastic" parts that can break. Never used Dysan…too expensive to buy AND to fix. Stay away from Bissell at all costs. They are very cheap to buy, but they are also very cheaply made. I get at least 6 a week from people who bought $79 Bissell’s at Wal-Mart and then are Pis*ed when it will take $45-$65 to fix them after a year!

    Sanitaire is also very good. Another option, is the Hoover Windtunnel. To keep it light, do not get the self-propelled version. Whats nice on these is that you can turn off the brush roll so when you are using it on floors (when you need to) it won’t kick the dirt around.

    Hope this helps.


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