What vacuum would you recommend?


truwiccangal need help to clarify doubt about : What vacuum would you recommend?
I want something fairly cheap, but still effective in vacuuming up cat litter granules, hair, etc. Also I would prefer if it was a vacuum that would be helpful for a person with allergies, like me. Thanks.
Haha ya that’s actually exactly why I am buying a vacuum – it’s because my Eureka doesn’t work for crap!

Try this:

Answer by debwinonamn
i love bagless

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  1. i would reccomened a dirt devil. it cleans up small things such as cat litter, its cheap, and when your vaccumning dust doesn’t fly around the room. it is verry handy i adore my dirt devil.

  2. I totally in love with my electrolux vaccuum…It is so responsive, and sucks unlike anyother vaccuum. The power is outstanding, yet it’s still fairly easy to operate making it a real woman’s best friend!

  3. I know what not to buy-a bagless Eureka. It’s like a toy. Not good suction and bad on picking up pet hair. Brought it cheap at Walmart and you get what you pay for. Get a Hoover. Had one for 20 years until the motor went.

  4. When I worked as a housekeeper, we used Dirt Devils. And those were good little machines.

    Also, I found a Bissel upright bagless machine on special a couple of years ago, and have yet to be disappointed in it.

  5. Most vacuums are unable to trap the smallest dust particles and mold. They simply suck them up and then blow them around the room – which you then breathe in as you are vacuuming!. Check out the Rainbow vacuum. It definitely removes more small dust particles than regular vacuums. It’s not a gimmick – but it seems to be outrageously expensive from what I can find out – like over $ 1500.00 unfortunately.
    Also, people with allergies should avoid w/w carpet as much as possible and use area rugs that can be aired outside.


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