Vacuuming: to bag or not to bag?


I’m trying to choose a vacuum. It’s the first I’ve bought as my OWN vacuum, and I do care a lot about quality and cleanliness. So… I’m putting a lot of thought into it, probably way more than what’s normal. But anyhow, I can’t decide whether to go bagged or bagless. I grew up with bagged vacuums and tend to think they’re more heavy duty and do a better job. But then again, that may just be a bias of mine.

So anyway, what are you opinions? And feel free to suggest specific vacuums too if you like. Understand that I’m working on a BUDGET though. Thanks.


  1. I used to think bagless were better and easier, but after replacing several in just a few short years, I am back to a bag. I have a dirt devil featherlite and I love it! It is so easy to push and it was CHEAP! I can’t speak for everyone, but I didn’t have good luck with bagless, so I vote for a bag. They really seem to work better.

  2. BagLESS…I hate changing bags in vacuums. There are excellent vacuums out there now that don’t use bags, making them easy to change and clean. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get a really good vacuum that I’m sure will change your bias. Obviously, the more you spend, the better quality you’ll get, but there are still decent vac’s out there for a decent price.

  3. Bagless is best. It’s what I use, I buy a filter once or twice a year.

    I love it . I have used this kind for four years now,

  4. I dislike the bagless vacs. I think it’s gross cleaning the filters and dumping the canister all the time. I would much rather just take the bag out, throw it away and put in a fresh one.

  5. Bagless. It’s easier to tell when you need to empty. The bags cost money, so you’ll end up spending more over time. Plus the bags are a pain to change and then if you don’t do it right, you’ll have to sweep up the mess that fell when changing the bag.

  6. Bag vacuums are cheaper. Plus, you don’t have to dump the canisters like the bagless. That dust can fly everywhere.

    It’s true the bagless probably do a better job cleaning, but as long as you replace the bags regularly, you’ll be fine. I personally think the difference isn’t that much if you vacuum on a regular basis.

    Stick with a brand name you recognize ans shop around for a sale.

    I’ve owned both kinds and currently have a bag vacuum.

  7. That is a hard question. Bags stink horribly when they are almost in need of change.

    Being a person with allergies, when the bagless needs to be dumped only the non allergic person should do it. So if you have allergies, bagless is not the best option.

    I love my Robo Vac, I press a button and it does the job while I am out. But being bagless, it have to dump it outdoors in fresh air or have someone else do it to avoid the dust/dirt allergen attack.

    So, the grass always being greener on the other side, it is a preference that even I cannot truly answer for you. Try both and then decide.

  8. I clean homes for a living about 5 homes a day with a crew of 3.I have used alot of sweepers because many times the customers wants us to use there vac.I have noticed that the bagless are alot more convinient when it comes to not having to buy bags but also noticed that they plug up much more and we use some real expensive vacs so brand does not matter..I myself prefer the bagged type vac I just think they do a all around better job and everything is staying in the bag and a lot less problems with plugging up.Hope this helped.

  9. I love my new bagless vacume its easy to empty i dont have to worrie about bags (okay i do about filtters) but nothing smells when i vacume since i can empty it out after im done i think its awome you can get some good ones a wal-mart for under $150

  10. For the $$ Panasonic, its a strong all around vacuum, accesories on board, Ive had 3 of them over the 20 years and I still have one now.

    Do you have allergies?? If you do then I would NOT go with the bagless. Although they are a nice way to go for convenience reasons, you got to dump the stuff. and no matter how you try its in the air around the garbage can. Bags are great until you run out then you pulling the stuff out with a kitchen utensil and the stuff is in your face again. Good luck, get one with hypo alergenic, and all the filters you can handle the cost of to replace

  11. I just had to respond to this. I really liked your answer about spanking. Your other questions indicate that you are a real human. How pleasant.
    With 8 foster sons, you can get good results from any kind of vacuum if care is taken and you select one recommended by Consumer Reports. We have half a dozen at any one time and go through two a year. The best model keeps changing but CR is almost always on target.


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