What do I have to do, where do I have to go, to find a good vacuum


For no more than 0?

I have burned through 3 vacuum cleaners in 2 and a half years, 1 bissell and 2 hoovers (the last hoover only lasted 6 months), each one cost me over 0. Why is the quality of vacuum cleaners so poor these days? They’re all made of cheap plastic and substandard parts, and the bagless wind tunnel/cyclone system is so complicated, with filters, screens, and attachments that take a rocket scientist to figure out and maintain that it’s driving me bananas.

I’m a pretty tech savvy, mechanically inclined guy. But my wife is not, and if an 8 year old can’t figure it out, for the money, I don’t want it. I’m sick of all the "tunnels" and "cyclones", and stupid plastic fairings and receptacles to empty (after each use, no less — can I go a couple of days without having to take the whole thing apart to dump the dag thing?). When I was a kid, we had a self-propelled hoover bag-upright that lasted my entire childhood, and an electrolux canister vac that lasted my mom’s entire child hood AND mine. WTH? Going back to bags can’t be too bad at this point.

Is there a vacuum that I will not have to take a second mortage out on my house to buy, that can last at least 3 years?

What about Oreck? Are they any good? I’ve heard lots on both sides. What about electrolux?

Please, I’m at my wit’s end, and suddenly fresh out of bananas. Thank you kindly, in advance.


  1. You make a very good point, When I got married we bought electrolux, I still have it 33yrs later, and it works like a charm , no plastic parts all strong metal, had a few belt drives put on but that’s it. We use it in the garage, Now I have a upright Sears progressive, a couple of years, and so far it works fine, I don’t like cleaning the filter every use, that’s a pain in the winter, cause we do that outside. Check it out at Sears, they also have other brands you can look at too. Good Luck

  2. If you do not mind the noise, then get a shop vac…it is big and bulky but you won’t burn it out in 6 months.

  3. Finding the best vacuum cleaner will require some research before you make a choice.

    The obvious factors you should look for when searching for the best vacuum cleaner is the suction, versatility and of course the price.

    You should understand the different types of vacuum cleaners and which one would be best based on your needs.

    Take a look at your choices so you can make the best decision in finding your vacuum cleaner.

    Step 1

    Give yourself a budget on what you’re willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner. The best vacuum cleaners cost more but you get better value and performance for your money.

    Step 2

    Learn about the different types of vacuum cleaners so you can find a vacuum cleaner that fits your needs.

    Bagless vacuum cleaners – The dirt and dust simply collects inside a plastic cup and then this can be removed and emptied when it becomes full. This is a nice advantage over bag models that can leak and smell bad inside your home. Bagless vacuum cleaners still require replacement of filters, and the vacuum’s suction will be reduced if these filters are not replaced.

    Commercial vacuum cleaners – They are designed for professionals, and they’re ideal for large areas. Shop vacs also fall into the category of commercial vacuum cleaners.

    HEPA vacuum cleaners – They are extremely efficient and work very well with cleaning thick carpeting and pet hair. Prices can be a little more for these, but if air quality is an important factor in your home, then it’s probably worth the money.

    Cordless vacuum cleaners – They are good for cleaning vehicles, wood floors, tile floors, and even some carpeting. The convenience of not having an annoying cord to carry around is nice but they usually are not ideal for large clean up’s as an upright vacuum cleaner would be.

    Canister vacuum cleaners – They usually provide more suction power than upright vacuum cleaners and they also have more attachments and accessories than most upright models. Canister vacuums are more expensive than uprights but they perform better and also have bagless models. Canister vacuums now have a special cleaning attachment that works good for cleaning furniture and stairs.

    Step 3

    Buy an upright vacuum cleaner if you don’t want to spend a lot. upright vacuum cleaners are nice because they’re lightweight and some models have powerful suction. This classic vacuum models allows easy storage in a closet. Look for upright models with large bags on them.

    Step 4

    Find a vacuum cleaner that will have replacement parts, bags and filters at the store. If you buy a brand that may not be available in stores then it will be a big problem when the time comes to replace something. The bigger brands have parts widely available in stores.

    Step 5

    Research all vacuum cleaners ratings before you make a decision. The most reliable information on products comes directly from the consumer so read those reviews. Some vacuum cleaners may have a fancy looking design with a low price tag but it may have poor suction, a lousy motor, and most importantly bad consumer ratings. Sometimes you may find it’s better to spend a little more money and get a better quality product.


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