What is the best vacuum for $150 or under for pet owners?


I have a child, one short haired dog, two cats (one med hair, one short hair) and a bird. I know the higher priced vacs are better, but just not willing to spend more than 0 on a vac. I want one that will last for more than 6 months. The longer you’ve owned it the better!
Also, which is better, bagged or bagless? I have had both, and it seems like the bagless clogs a lot more. If you know of one that won’t clog, that would be great. I am leaning toward a bagless, because they tend to be better for multiple floor surfaces. Suggestions?
could you tell me how long you have had the hoover? that is one I was looking at. Thanks!


  1. I love my Eureka bagless Boss 4D. It was 150 at walmart. It has an attachment for removing pet hair from furniture. I found that it did a tremendous job. I vacuumed with my old vacuum in a 10×10 area. Then I did it with the new vacuum and I filled the dust container with cat hair. Vacuumed it again and the same thing. It literally pulled all the hair and dust out of the carpet. Within a week my allergies had improved dramatically too.

  2. The Hoover Tempo at about $70 is superb for your needs. It has a bag, which I like so much better than bagless types. This smallish vacuum is excellent for the money.


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