1. i have a bagless, and got one because i didn’t like the cost of bags, but the bagless is a mess to clean, and the filter…..ugh!

  2. The Bagless kind boasts that it is easier, just empty the canister, blah blah blah. But the kind with a bag is SO much better. Why? Because all you need to do is take the bag out and put a new one in. Takes about 30 seconds. But with the bagless, it is not only a pain to clean that thing out, it is gross. Imagine sticky stuff, dust, hair, bugs and god-knows-what-else that you have to smell and clean out.

    Will never use a bagless again.

  3. have a dyson.. it is bagless… it isn’t as bad as you will think when emptying into the trash… it gets compacted pretty good by the time to empty it.. and falls out once comes time to empty.

  4. I prefer bagless, you can get something that you accidentally sucked something up and you can actually see if your cleaning or not. Plus dont have a to buy bags. One big problem that I run in to is that the filter gets full really fast and I lose suction.

    Also dont waste your money on Dyson. They are good but you you can get a comparable one for half the price, its just not gonna have the name on it.


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