What makes Kirby a good vacuum cleaner?


I’m a college student and I can not afford to buy a Kirby now, but I’m considering it once I start my career. I rather spend more money and get something of quality rather than waste money on something cheap that will break after a couple years. I recently bought an Oreck XL which I absolutely love. It is much better than my parent’s bagless Dirt Devil. When I go to their house I can really notice the dust in the air. So my question is, what makes the Kirby so good? Is it simply durability? Is its suction significantly better than other vacuums?


  1. I get the impression that it is built like an aircraft.
    We have had one for 19 years, and we get it serviced every year, the engineer came to our home and went into a spare room, and the next thing the machine was spread all over the floor in bits,
    It was quite literally re-built there and then using new parts I said that I had cut the cord accidentally , and put on a connector to repair it The next thing he installed a new one , he said it would be safer. Total charge £43
    We vacuum our matress every month, and it is scary the stuff that comes out of it.
    Now and again they appear in auctions and shops that sell second-goods, I have seen them for £150, ($280) and they were seldom used.
    I asked the salesperson why so cheap, and he explained that some people get them with a view to passing them on for the quick buck.
    I read an article about Philips Electrical, who make many appliances, and they say that it is not possible to repair their goods, even if you can manage to get inside them, as the bits will fly into orbit.

  2. I reckon if you buy one u will soon buy a regular vac cleaner
    you will find the kirby such a pain to use and far too heavy..I know loads of ppl that were talked into buying them by pushy salesmen who brain washed em,, i havent met one who uses it all the time after the first 6 months dont waste your money anormal vacumm lasts for at least 10 years I have found !


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