What vacuum cleaner should I buy?


I recently bought a small house and I wanna get a new VC also. Now it is a good time to buy it, the only question is – what should I buy?

I do not need anything professional, just a good, reasonable one to clean 3 bedrooms once a month. I do not have money to buy Dyson for 400-500; so I guess my budget is around 250 and less.

What kinda vacuum cleaner is the best for my situation? Steam vac? Cyclone vac? Bagless?

Thanks for your answers!!!!


  1. I have a Bissell Healthy Home and really like it! It’s got similar filtration to the Dyson at 1/2 the cost. It’s got 9 little "cyclones" that spin the dirt out of the air stream so it doesn’t even lose suction. If you check around, you can find it on sale for $200; normal price is around $250. It’s got a 5 year warranty, lifetime belt too. It’s a bag less unit so no filter bags to buy either.

    We have a house full of pets and it handles pet hair great! Advanced HEPA filtration is another of the features. The on board tools are easy to use and convenient too. Lots of power. The only downside is that this unit will "eat" throw rugs! The suction is that strong. We just use the upholstery turbo attachment on them…..LOL

    Steam vacs are more for carpet cleaning and if you had to run one weekly, it would be a total hassle. I do have one of those that I use a couple times a year to shampoo the carpets and use it for any spills but the Healthy Home unit gets run frequently so I don’t have to shampoo the carpets as often.


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