what vacuum does consumer reports suggest? read more?


i want to know what consumer reports suggests for buying a new bagless vacuum. i have lots of pet hair and need to get the best vac but can’t pay dyson costs. I know bissel is a cheap brand that i have a couple of and don’t want again. Please tell me good bagless vacs, i wanted to see what they suggested but you have to pay for it online. thanks


  1. I have the same issue with pet hair and such, and I’ll tell you that my Panasonic bagless vacuum is awesome, it not only cleans the pet hair, but also it filters it through a hepa filter, and it has an anti-static dirt cup so nothing sticks to it.

  2. This is an older model vacuum but, I LOVE it! I have a HOOVER SAVVY it’s around $200 so it’s cheaper than a Dyson and if you buy the extended warranty it’s STILL cheaper and you get an additional 3 yrs. of warranty! Which covers EVERYTHING except belts/filter… This particular vacuum has NO BELTS….

    It has carpet/bare floor on/off button, 3 carpet levels, on board hose attachements. It comes in colors…. It has an easy to empty bagless canister. 2 filters including a hepa that’s really easy to clean.

    However, the downside… It’s a little on the heavy side… The cord is short (I have mine hooked with an extention cord so it’s no problem.. The filters can be expensive… I buy mine on AMAZON.COM so it’s around $30 for BOTH and they last 2 yrs.! I’ve had mine in for repair about 2x for minor breakage… Since it’s under warranty it’s NOT a big deal… Also, since I paid extra for the warranty I’ll "lie" and take it in 2x-3x a yr. for a clean and check… The bagless feature can be a bit messy so I empty it outside or in the garage…

    However, I use baking soda once a month on my carpets…

    I have 2 toddlers, wall to wall carpet and a large breed dog that sheds! It’s been a GREAT vacuum I’ve had ours for OVER 5 yrs!

    *Any vacuum you do decide to get will require upkeep/maintance so make sure you have a service center that’s "approved" in case you need some repair/maintance…

    Take the vacuum in at least 1x a yr. especially if you have a warranty.. I make up something call the warranty center and they set-up the appt. The vacuum gets a through cleaning and fixed for no-charge…

    Good luck


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