1. Dyson DC23 Animal on the expensive side but they really are better. All vacuums work when they are new the Dyson’s keep working after you have used them. I have Dyson uprights in the house and before i used them I use to think the carpet was clean.

  2. Hoover Platinum Bagless Canister S3865
    Summary: This bagless Hoover canister has a brush on/off switch, manual pile-height adjustment, retractable cord, full-bin indicator, and HEPA filtration. It weighs 27 lbs.

  3. It is usually the quality of the attachment that picks up pet hairs try and find a local repair shop and talk to them about what to recommend. Yes we have a dog and a Dyson animal and they are expensive but they get the job done.

  4. There’s a great site called Viewpoints.com that has reviews of tons of vacuums. Here’s an article they wrote about the best vacuums for pet hair…good luck!


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