Whats Wrong with my Vaccuum cleaner!?!!?


Ive just recently bought a vacuum ceaner. I’d say about 4 months ago. Its BISSEL Powergroom DUAL CYCLONIC (bagless).
The first time I used it It worked excellently, the best vaccuum i’ve ever used. U could see all the dust n dirt in the canister, filled up so quick.
Now, eversince I took the canister apart to wash it n clean it. It always spray dust out. n wont even pick up 50% of dust in my house.
Wonder what I did or didnt do correctly??!
first I checked the host, yes it was clocked up, i cleaned it. worked lil bit better but not heping that much. Wonder what else I should check?? or might be broke?
Im new to having a maintenance of vaccuum cleaner.



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