Which brand is the best vacuum?


I currently have a bagless Bissell. I thought it was doing a good job until my mom brought her Kirby to my new house and got alot more dirt out! So I am thinking about a new vac. My mom loves her Kirby, it’s like 15 years old but still does a great job..and it’s self-propelled:) But they are sooo expensize! My dad loves their Electrolux. It also does a good job but I hate dragging around the tank and the wand. So does anyone have any suggestions for a good vac that won’t break me? I’d really like to not have to spend over 0. I don’t have any pets in the house and the windows are new and tight so we don’t have much dust coming in either. Mainly it’s just what we track in on our shoes and then food particles.


  1. Kirby is a good brand, but I love my Eureka ($250)–just don’t buy those cheap brands that fall apart in an hour. (bought one for $40 at HomeDepot that the plastic hose ripped out after 2 uses.) I bought a Kirby at a garage sale for $5 that lasted me 10 years. (try it out first, though–sometimes people try to sell stuff that is broken.)

  2. Keep in mind that ALL vac’s have the same suction power. It is a simple law of physics. These commercials about lifting weights and such are just plain phony. The small hand vac (not the 12 volt ones) will do the same tricks as the big ones. Get a bagless and make sure it has a WASHABLE filter, save some money. In your case stay away from all the attachments if you don’t need them. Wal Mart seems to have a good selection of vacs.

  3. I would go to the consumer reports website. I too dislike the electrolux. What a pain. That vacuum lasted all of two minutes with me. It’s just too heavy and awkward.

  4. Own a house? Have central installed. Worth the money. We have had central vac for over 30 years. No canister to drag around, silent, and nothing is as powerful.


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