Which vacuums are better, Bagless or bagged? I need a good


I have a bagless cheap Shark vacuum that doesn’t work at all… so for the past months i’ve just been sweeping my carpet with a broom (which is really hard) so I finally have extra money to get a new vacuum. I have been reading a bunch of reviews (since I cant afford to buy a bad one) but now i’m wondering if a bagless or bagged vacuum is better? Please help me out… i have no experience is buying vacuums. I have a budget of 0…. if you have an inexpensive vacuum let me know how its worked out for you… thank you so much!



  1. I’ve had both- the bagless seem to have more problems.If you get one with bags, just make sure to change the bags when they are full to the full line-and pick up coins,etc before you vacuum-it’ll last longer. You really have to baby the cheaper ones and you don’t get much for $100!

  2. Best vacuums on the market bar for the money are Regal’s, but you’ll have to go to a vacuum speciality store to buy one and they start around $375 each, but are well worth it because if you take care of one you’ll have it 25 years. Kirby’s are also excellent, and can be easily found at specialty vacuum stores used starting around $275 each. Orack’s and Hoovers are junk… buyer beware.

  3. those dyson bagless one are awsome!!! my mum has one and its great but I have no idea what is costs or even what vacums go for these days 🙁

  4. I have a dyson animal (the purple one). I have had it for four years and paid $560 for it. I love it! it is great on pet hair. If it gets clogged, it is very easy to take apart.

  5. I have owned both bagless and bagged vacuums and find the ones with bags to be less messy. When emptying the dirt cups it can get rather messy.


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