Why is my vacuum doing this?


Everytime I vacuum lately, my vacuum seems the just throw up a huge cloud of dust. Its a bagless vacuum, I cleaned the filter, and emptied the dust collector. But it still does it. Its so bad the entire front of the vacuum is covered in a thick layer after Im done. Ive only had it for about 4-6 months, and only vacuum our small apartment 1-3 times monthly.
All the dust is coming from underneath, where it sucks. Ive never messed with that part.

I dont have the receipt, seeing as it has been at least 4 months they wont take it back anyways.


  1. The vacuum is plugged. The vacuum works by sucking air through the bottom of the vacuum up through the hose, into the cup compartment, throught the filters and then out the post filter. If there is dust coming form the bottom that means that the air isn’t being sucked up but rather ‘pushed’ out the bottom.

    First, take the hose off and turn the vacuum on, if there is full suction on the hose that means the clog is between where the hose connects and the bottom. If there isn’t suction, that means the clog is in the hose or closer to the motor.

  2. There may be a small hole somewhere on the filter or the filter and/or the canister is not seating properly.

  3. I believe your intake tube is clogged. This happened to me a few weeks ago. My husband located the congestion, cleared it, and now our vaccuum cleaner is working great.

    I had checked all of the things you cited, but not the intake tube.

    Great luck!

  4. Is there any warranty? Even you do not have the receipt, you can contact the technical or customer support department of the manufacturer directly about their product’s problem. That is their product, they cannot deny it on having no receipt. However, without a warranty card or receipt, you may not entitled for any free service from them unless that is a newly launched product with proof on the release date. You may need to pay some repairing fee.

  5. You stated that the dust is coming from underneath where it sucks. You have swept something up your vacuum that you should not have and now you have it clogged up so it is not sweeping properly. You are going to have to take the bottom apart and try to get it unclogged so it will work properly. If you do not know how to do it have someone help you that does know how to do it. Make sure it is unplugged when you clean it.


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