Why isn't my vacuum sucking?


I have a vacuum that’s called "Eureka Altima Turbo Bagless Upright SpinDuster". Yesterday we replaced a broken belt that was causing the brush not to spin. Suddenly today it’s not creating suction to pick up anything from the couch or the floors. It’s a fairly new vacuum, only 4 months old. Is there any reason that it could stop sucking? What are some possible solutions? I’d hate to buy another after just having this a few months. It worked fine yesterday whenever the belt was replaced.
The brush is turning perfectly since I replaced the belt and cleaned the hair that was caught in it. That’s the reason I am a bit confused. The motor is also making a humming noise as it normally did when it was functioning properly.


  1. I build vacuums for a living ,, central vac units! Well what is wrong here is bag-less systems really are not good! They have many filters that clog, and just not much suction ,, also they don’t do well with hair and powders! They work OK the first few months then just seem to stop,, the only thing to do is get the clogs out ,, this will take a screw driver and about 15 to 20 minutes~! usually the clog is in the first tube on the underside where the brush pushes materials into,, it bends almost 90 degrees causing most the issues,, and the lack of power just allows this to happen along with again the amount of filters,, guessing 3-to 4 on MOST bag-less,,, so here’s the deal,, no more bags, but now 3-to 4 filters to buy, along with much more time cleaning ,,, ! I suggest a central vac,, HUGE power,, unit sits in basement or garage,, takes install ,, and much more money ,, but the way to go ,, hope that helps!!! Or just go back to the trusty old bag unit less money in the long run,, well in the short run too You see! good luck ! the belt and or brush have nothing to do with a clog they will be moving yes ,, but this does stress the motor running it clogged!

  2. Maybe the tube is loose causing the air to be pulled out from the air and not from the ground…check to make sure everything’s in place and just right. Good luck!

  3. Clean the hoses and any and all filters. Use your owners manual to find all the filters in the vacuum.

    Hope this helps

  4. You probably have something stuck in the tube .. unplug it and use something wooden like chopstick or wooden spoon and see if something isn’t lodged inside like a small toy, or plastic object.

  5. It worked too well. Look in the hoses and follow the suction flow all the way to the motor. Something is stuck in there.

    I hope the motor is making a higher pitched noise. That indicates it’s working. You might have to take it apart, but you’ll find it. Use a flashlight for inspection and tongs for extraction.

  6. Perhaps you sucked up a sock or a hair ball, and it is lodged in hose or in the tunnel. You may need to perform a simple operation. Make sure it is unplugged. Take the vacuum cleaner hose off. Also right in that tiny tunel by the spinning brush tube. See if there is a clog there. You may need to remove brush again to get to it.
    Question: Is the motor turning the spinning brush now that you have replaced the belt?

  7. Coz u might sucked some sticky stuff in the pipe and all the dust stuck there of coz cant suck lo…try to wash the pipe and try again and see how is it Cheers~

  8. Check the belt again, clean any air filters/hepa filters to see if they are plugged. And a hose might have some loose. If all else complain to the place you bought it and demand restitution or a new vacuum.


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