any upright budget vacuum cleaner advice?


I’m looking for a good small, lightweight stand up vacuum cleaner. I’m not sure if I want bagless or not- it sounds like a bunch of hype to me… besides- bags are a lot cheaper than replacing those filter things.

Budget wise, I want to stay in the – range. I can’t see the reason why I need to shell out 0+ for one of those Dyson jobs- no matter how well they work.

Thanks for the advice!


  1. I have two Bissells (one upstairs and one down) that both work well. The upstairs one is the real cheap one and it uses bags. Works well but the hose is not very long which makes it difficult to clean somethings.

    The second Bissell ($90) is much better! It’s a bag less with a long hose, more tools and a bigger cleaning path. That’s my go to sweeper!

    Personally, I like the bag-less sweepers. You can rinse out the filters numerous times before you have to replace them. Just let them dry well before putting back in the sweeper.

  2. The Hoover Tempo. It’s really the same thing as an old vacuum called The Hoover Elite. It’s bagged (a plus for me!) and those vacuums pick up pet hair well. I believe it $40+, but it’s no more than $80.


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