1. Both will get your floor clean but when you empty a bagless
    you will get a face full of dust. vacuums with bags allot cleaner to empty

  2. If you have allergies, a vacuum w/a hepa filter is your best bet. The bagless canister has to be dumped and when you clean it, you are releasing dust back into the air.

    According to Consumer Reports, there are two vacs w/bags that seriously outperform the expensive bagless vacs.

  3. Bagged vacuums start to lose their suction when the bags are only about 1/3 full. I’ve never had that problem w/my Dyson & empty it outside over the dumpster to prevent dust flying out into my home.

  4. Both will clean your floors. Which kind is a personal preference. I bought a bagless and used it less than six months because I didn’t like the cloud of dust when it was time to empty.

  5. I recently purchased a bag less vacuum, and I love it. The bags are messier and tend to hold the dust more inside and changing them can cause a big mess. With my dirt cup vacuum I pop it out, dump it, rinse it, dry it and put it back in. As far as keeping your floor cleaner….I can’t say that I notice a difference. It depends on the amps the vacuum uses.


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