bagless vacuum WONT TURN ON? just bought it 15min ago?


it worked fine and then i was in the second room and it suddenly just turned off. i was wondering what happened so i thought maybe the filters were clogged. i cleared it all out and turned it on. it still didnt work. it doesnt have any label saying it overheats and i only just bought it 15min ago


  1. Well check to see if you still have power in your outlet. That’s First.
    GFI Breaker on your outlet. Next make sure your container is in all the way. It may have a switch on it not registering it is connected. Check to see if your hose is clogged. I don’t think that would necessarily stop your vacuum but its worth a try. You may just have a short in your switch on your on/off button. Buyer Beware if it is used. Or take it back to the store for an exchange. Best of luck to you.

  2. Did you try it in a different outlet? If your house is relatively new your bedroom could be on an arc fault breaker, which a vacuum could easily trip if the cord was not plugged in all the way. Check the room for power and if there is none check your panel for a tripped breaker.


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