What is the best retail steam cleaner to buy?


Idk need help to clarify doubt about : What is the best retail steam cleaner to buy?
My carpets get really dirty I have three cats and one dog, one of the cats likes to pee on the carpet if the litter box is even remotely dirty. Also my dog loves to pee in the house. I can’t afford any expensive rug doctor and I prefer not to rent a rug doctor cuz they kinda gross me out. Thinking of how many people probably rent a rug doctor after a house party to clean vomit up and what not.

Any suggestions on what steam cleaner to buy?

Try this:

Answer by lyoncat
Even if it’s gross, You have urine all over your house! Rent A steam cleaner at home depot or loews to get them up to shape then buy a spot. Here are a few brands to look at under $ 100.00. Copy and paste the url’s into your browser.




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  1. I have a Bissell with a power brush which does a good job; before that I had a Hoover, that wasn’t as good. Now I see that the new Hoovers also have a power mate type roller brush. That makes for a lot better cleaning.


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