Hoover WindTunnel 2 Pet Plus Upright Vacuum UH70811


  • Exclusive WindTunnel 2 Technology lifts and removes deep-down, embedded dirt with 2 channels of suction. Dual-Cyclonic- Air passes through not one, but two cyclonic stages to filter dirt and debris from the air path
  • The high capacity dirt cup holds more dirt, dust and, debris, making cleaning convenient
  • Convenient Bottom Release Cup, hold cup over trash receptacle and empty debris with the push of a button, without getting your hands dirty
  • Complete Accessory Pack, including turbo tool, crevice tool, extension wand, and dusting brush
  • Pet tools remove stubborn pet hair, including rubberized pet tool pack, pet turbo tool, pet upholstery tool, extension wand, and crevice tool

At Hoover we’re a trusted authority on total home cleaning because we design powerful tools to help you tackle every possible cleaning job in and around your home. We constantly strive to improve our vacuums and carpet cleaners, even while we introduce cutting-edge cleaning products in new categories such as steam cleaning and air purification. Hoover WindTunnel 2 Pet Plus Upright Vacuum, UH70811
PRODUCT FEATURES Exclusive WindTunnel 2 Technology WindTunnel 2 Technology creates two channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt. Vacuums without WindTunnel Technology rely on only one channel of suction. Dual-Cyclonic Air passes through not one, but two cyclonic stages to filter dirt

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Price: $ 119.99


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    Hoover Vs. Dyson, April 5, 2013
    Jenna Glatzer (NY, United States) –
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    I come to this with a certain bias: I own a Dyson DC25 Animal Ball Vacuum, which has spoiled me tremendously. I’m a single mom, and that vacuum may be the biggest luxury item I own. Before that, I mostly owned really lousy vacuums, including a cheap Hoover that I nearly hurled out a window. That said…

    I know there are lots of people like me wondering if a Dyson is “worth it,” versus a much less expensive vacuum like this one, so I figured I’d do a comparison. The Dyson wins out in just about every category, but it SHOULD… it’s literally five times as expensive! The reason this WindTunnel still gets five stars from me is that it’s excellent for its price. It seems to be modeled after exactly the Dyson I own– the DC25 Animal. Yes, there’s a difference between it and the Dyson, but the difference is certainly not that the Hoover is five times worse. So in terms of value, this vacuum has a lot going for it.

    1. SUCTION

    Both are excellent.


    On the Dyson, you don’t have to adjust settings from wood floor to rugs. On the Hoover, you do. You have to stop and put the vacuum in an upright position and then turn the knob to go from wood to low-pile, regular, or high-pile rigs. (There are 5 settings to choose from.) After being used to not having to adjust, this was a slight pain, but not a big deal. The dial is easy to change.


    Dyson wins… the ball vacuum easily glides at any angle, and the head is so small that it can get into smaller spaces easily– under the front of couches, in the little spots under radiators, etc. Comparatively speaking, the Hoover has a much taller and all-around bigger head, which was my least favorite part. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get into the small spaces I was accustomed to, and I had to use the wand much more than I do with the Dyson. However… the wand and attachments were excellent! It was so powerful that it immediately sucked up a pen I had nearby. Oops. Which leads to…


    So I had to take apart the hose to find the pen, and that was a very simple operation. I was impressed by how easily it came off and went back on.


    No appreciable difference. The Hoover is ever-so-slightly taller. They feel about the same when I’m pushing them around and carrying down stairs. Both are fairly light weight and glide well.

    6. DIRT CUP

    Hoover’s is bigger. (Score!) Emptying the dirt cup is the same on both, even though Hoover touts the fact that it has a lever on the bottom to dump out the dirt, that has no practical effect. With both vacuums, I still have to reach in and pull out the clumps of hair that don’t just fall out naturally into the trash. It’s gross, but I’m used to it. I still prefer this to bags. It’s good to see the dirt cup filling and know just when it’s time to empty it, and economical not to have to buy bags.

    7. FILTERS

    Both have filters you’re supposed to rinse out regularly (the Hoover says every 2 months. I think the Dyson says every month). That’s a bit of a pain, too, because you have to let the filter sit out and air dry, so you probably won’t be able to use the vacuum the next day if you don’t buy a backup filter.

    8. CORD

    Neither have retractable cords. Hoover’s is longer, which is a benefit to me– I can cover a few rooms before I have to unplug and replug. I did keep stepping on the cord, though.


    Subjective, of course, but I think the Dyson is a lot more “stylish” and attractive. Also, it doesn’t look as dirty after I use it… with the Hoover, the (black) wheels looked dirty after the first time I used it, and the large dirt cup has a static cling thing going on, so there’s plenty of cat hair all around the inside of the (very see-through) cup. I don’t feel good about leaving this vacuum out on display (yet I don’t have a closet to hide it in), whereas that was never a problem with the Dyson.

    10. EASE OF USE

    I had to do a lot more bending down and start-and-stopping with the Hoover, both to change the settings and to attach and detach wands and heads. So it took a bit longer to do the whole house, versus the Dyson, where I don’t have to change settings and don’t have to stop to change to a wand (the wand is built into the handle). But it’s easy to push around and takes turns well.

    11. NOISE

    The Hoover is noisier, and it scared me at first because I kept thinking the motor was going to die– it sounded like it was straining quite often. But I came to get used to it and realize that’s just the way it sounds.

    In the end, both do a great job. The Dyson just gets there a little faster and easier. But if I were on a budget and trying to decide whether or not to stretch it really far to get the Dyson or not, this would be a very…

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