What is the best vacuum with the best suction?


danghel@sbcglobal.net need help to clarify doubt about : What is the best vacuum with the best suction?
We have agolden retriever and the hair is all in the carpeting and is very hard to vacuum up.

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Answer by Truth
Kirby and Rainbow are the two best, but a bit pricey. A distant third id Dyson. You get what you pay for.

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  1. get a miele hoover.
    We got one and it has a special head for pet hair.
    It sucks so strong,it can lift the carpet from the floor board and it actually was quite reasonably priced.Its also super quiet too

  2. Hoover S3765 wind tunnel got it from amazon. 190 delivered. .read lots of reviews…works very well …power head removes cat hair from carpet..has a adapter that brushes clean carpeted stairs. very very quiet…cannister model if that is important.

  3. Miele are the best! They have the best motors and the best warranty. The guy is right about the pet hair attachment. Really nice! I think the best value for the money!……

  4. Kirby, Rainbow, Electrolux, Filter Queen, all very good, very high suction vacuums, also extremely expensive. The Meile is also a very good machine, but like a foreign car, requires a dealer that stocks, or can get the parts for repair, not everyone can. Good domestic vacuums, using fairly high suction, good filtering and agitation systems, for which parts and supplies are readily available are Panasonic, Hoover, Eureka. You really need to do your own research on these things. Different people like different things about vac’s. What suits one won’t suit another. I may love one that you despise. Simply know that bagless vacuums spread more dirt around than they pick up. Consumer Reports magazine’s top 3 vacuums were all bagged models.

  5. Price will be a factor here. If you are looking to spend under $ 300, my personal favorite is a Panasonic. Hoover is second. Over that, Sebo is tops, but can run you $ 500-$ 800. Sanitaire is good, Miele is good (but not tops in my book) and also Samsung. If pet hair is a problem, and it sounds like it is, stay away from ANY bagless. I work in a vac repair/sales store, and every day I repair at least 2 clogged bagless vacs. I don’t care what the manufacturer advertises, they do clog. Your other choice is upright or canister. That is a whole other conversation…


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