Carpet Cleaning Machine Help please?


E. need help to clarify doubt about : Carpet Cleaning Machine Help please?
I am looking into buying a good carpet cleaning machine. I have looked at some brands like Bissel (spelling?)… and Hoover. Anyone know anything about them or own one? Are the supplies for them expensive? I also want something that wont leave a residue. Thanks for any help!

Try this:

Answer by K M
The self heating ones are better than the non-heated ones. More expensive and heavier but will clean better.

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  1. In my experience, it’s the cleaner you have to use, as well as the anti-foaming solution that makes these machines expensive to use. Have you ever rented a cleaner?

  2. I had a Bissel and unfortunately it was dissapointing. The carpet stayed wet way to long and the hoses cracked. We only used a couple of times and it was very frustrating. Ended up throwing away. We just rent a Rug Doctor from Home Depot when we need it. It’s only around $ 25 for 24 hours and it’s industrial so it is like what the professionals use. Also-no need to store it. As far as a Hoover, never used theirs but I hate their vacuums!

  3. my husband bought me the bissel that heats the water it wasnt much just over two hundred dollars and i find that it works really well, the cleaners for them dont cost too much either they are carried at walmart, zellers, most stores


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