Best vacuum cleaner, No hepa filters, no bags?


I hate my vacuum. I hate the way it smells when it runs. It’s a bagless and one of those hepafilter types. I’m not all up on my vacuum cleaner knowledge, but is there a vacuum that I don’t have to worry about changing some filter, that I can just use and then empty the canister every time I use it? Are there any vacuums that are this simple? I like to vacuum and feel like I’m cleaning, not stinking up the place. And spending more than 0 is not in my budget.


  1. Get a rainbow vacuum cleaner. They are WONDERFUL !
    Expensive yes….but if you look on e-bay you can get a good deal on a used and reconditioned one. I got mine there for about 150 dollars including the shipping and I love it. All the dust goes into water so there is no re-distribution of dust into the air and you can add scents to the water to make your home smell pretty at the same time ! After vacuuming is done simply empty the dirty water into the toilet and flush it all away .

  2. I assume that you are renting and not own your home.

    If you would be a home owner, I would suggest that you start saving for a central vacuum cleaner system. All your dirt and dust would be collected in a large container which is part of your vacuum cleaner housing. The container could be housed in the garage or basement. The container needs to be emptied out every 4-6 months, it is vented to the outdoors, and there is no dust nor smell blown around the inside of the home.

  3. I saw a commercial for a Dirt Devil Reaction vacuum. It says it has no filters and it is bag less. It also had this button for easy emptying. I saw it at wal mart for $150. I haven’t tried it yet but am thinking about buying it. I have a dirt devil right now that I am pretty happy with.

  4. I work at a company that sells vacuums. A HEPA-filter should never have to be cleaned or changed. If it does, I don’t think its a true HEPA. Having a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleans your air at the same time you are vacuuming. I am most familiar with Dyson (although we sell more than that). I know that Dyson vacuum cleaners purify the air it is using will cleaning, so the air it puts back into the room is cleaner than when it took it in.


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