Question about vacuum belt?


OK. I have a bag vacuum and it just blew the bag. The belt slipped shortly thereafter. I replaced the bag and put the belt on about 5 times already. I just bought it last year and got rid of my bagless vacuum because it was a pain to empty and sanitize it after every vacuum. (I bought that one because it said it would help with allergies, but it just knocked the dust around when I emptied it)
ANYWAYS, is there a way to make that darned belt stay on, or should I venture out into the cold and buy another belt?
Its a kenmore, bought it from kmart.


  1. What brand of vacuum is it? If you’ve had to mess with the belt 5 times already, I would contact the company because it sounds like the vacuum is defective. I had replaced the belt on my old vacuum a couple of times but if it keeps slipping off, I think there’s a defect.

    I got a Dyson and I love it! They’re expensive so I never knew how I could afford one. But the Home Shopping Network website has them that you can order online and do flex-pay, so they bill you small amounts over 4 or 5 months. I’m so glad that I did it that way! So if your vacuum is crappy, you might want to look into something like that!

    Good luck!

  2. Your kenmore belt needs to be replaced every 6 months. Your belt does not have enough tension so the belt slips off. I hope this helps.


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