Best vacuum in the market in average price category?


40219 need help to clarify doubt about : Best vacuum in the market in average price category?
what brand is the best, Eureka, Hoover, Dirts Devil…?

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Answer by Jen
Well my vac just quit. I’m looking for a new one too, but I borrowed my neighbors Hoover windtunnel and all I can say is that it is by far the WORST vaccum that I’ve ever used! It has no suction and I really don’t care for the bagless feature. I’ve heard good things about the Eureka Boss

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  1. I’ve always saved my money and just bought me a Dirt Devil from Walmart…i only paid 49.99 for it and it work just fine…my mom bought one of those pricey vacuums once and i swear i just hated it…it was way too complicated …too many attachments and i didn’t see where it did any better…she just ended up paying for the name and features that most people never use anyways


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