Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner 94003 Reviews


Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, 94003

  • 12 amp upright deep cleaner for carpet, upholstery, and stairs
  • Includes a built-in heater, 2-in-1 tank and 12 rows of dual Dirt Lifter power brushes
  • Tough-stain, pet-stain, upholstery, and crevice tools
  • Edge sweepers; surround suction; Tough Stain and Pet Formula included
  • Measures 19 by 13 by 44 inches; 1-year limited warranty

The ProHeat 2X select pet revolutionary cleaning system with dual brushes and patented heating system for a clean you can see. Now includes a 6″ Pet stain eraser tool.

List Price: $ 249.99

Price: $ 215.00


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Bissell Proheat 2x Select Pet Did a very good job, May 6, 2009
    K. Hartman (Concord, NC United States) –

    This review is from: Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, 94003 (Kitchen)


    We bought this model at a local retail store last weekend. I had used a different model of the same brand previously (borrowed from in-laws). I have used it once, on my entire living room–a cream colored cheap wall-to-wall carpet laid down about 3 years ago by the previous owners. Probably artificial fibers. Just saying.

    The carpet was getting spotty. We have a cat who has hairballs regularly and two four-year-olds. The cream colored carpet was showing spots around the kids computer, both couches, and the high-traffic areas at each doorway. We had some washable-marker marks here and there, and one sticky place. We live in the south so we had red clay marks, too.

    I assembled the machine–had to get a long, thin screwdriver from the garage because the kind with the changeable tips is too fat for the holes in the upper handle. Assembly was easy, but I was left with an extra wand that had no home. Ours came with a small, medium, and large unpowered wand plus a powered wand and a crevice tool. At this point I was thinking that all the unpowered wands were kind of redundant.

    I filled the machine with hot water and the ‘fiber cleansing’ solution my husband picked up because he didn’t realize there were two bottles of solution inside the box. Not a big deal, we’ll use it all, I’m sure. The soap tank was a bit leaky for just a second, so I let it drip til it stopped, then rinsed off the outside.

    I grabbed the blue squirt bottle of ‘tough stain precleaner’ that came in the box and squirted each little gray, brown, or sticky spot. Didn’t do anything else, just squirted. Gave the gray area near the doors a sort of ‘misting’ to get the job started.

    I turned the dial on the Bissell to ‘normal cleaning’ and started near one door. Wet stroke forward, wet stroke backward, dry stroke forward, dry stroke backward. Had a little trouble with the suction at first, but I later determined this was probably because the machine had tipped while it was on. It makes a pop noise when it loses suction, and you pretty much have to shut the machine off and turn it back on to ‘reset’. A few places in the carpet needed an extra going over with the wet/dry strokes to get the spots up.

    After just a couple of strokes, the machine started spitting out little ‘hairballs’ that were gray–presumably cat hair and carpet fiber wads. I had read about these in the manual and so was not alarmed. I decided to let them go and after the carpet dried I’d get them with the dry vac.

    About half-way through the room (13×18, roughly) it was time to dump the dirty water and refill. The water was like diluted hot chocolate in color, and had hairballs in it. Removing and replacing the tank is quite easy. Originally I was thinking I had to lay down the handle to get at the connections, but this is not true–the machine can be standing up and you can still get the water tank out. Not sure about the soap tank, though.

    Note that while cleaning, you’re dripping on the back stroke. So you start at one end of the room and work *backwards* to the other end, not forwards. Probably a no-brainer, but there you go. I tried using one of the unpowered wands for a spot under the kids desk, and it did OK but didn’t really wow me. It was nice to have the trigger right there on the wand to be able to squirt soap at the spot, and the wand did fine at pulling the water back out. Didn’t try the powered wand for it–I just went over it again with the big machine and the spot was completely gone. I’ll try the powered wand another time.

    Back in action, I finished up the room with no other highlights. I chose not to use the ‘rinse’ cycle on the machine at all, I guess I’m testing the anti-resoiling agent in the soap. 🙂 I didn’t really want to spend the time going over every inch of carpet twice.

    When finished, I put down a couple of clean towels to walk on since we can’t avoid using the room. The carpet itself was dried within a couple of hours–even the bit at the start where I was having trouble with suction.

    Once dry, I have to say the carpet looks great. There might be one or two places where the spots wouldn’t come out–but they have been cleaned at least 3 times now with three different machines and have persisted through all of them. Anyway, I do notice that the carpet nap is starting to look a little worn–it’s cheap carpet. I haven’t been back over it yet with the dry vac to get the hairballs up, that might change the appearance.

    Husband said the smell of the soap was pretty much gone once the carpet dried, so it didn’t leave a heavy stink of ‘just washed the carpets’ behind. The soap smell was itself reasonably pleasant and not overpowering even when wet.

    So on to disassembly and cleaning. Emptying the dirty water was again no big deal. I rinsed out the tank afterward to get the hairballs out…

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  2. 42 of 43 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Good – Met Expectations!, June 29, 2009
    Pittsburgh Nate (Pittsburgh, PA) –

    This review is from: Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, 94003 (Kitchen)

    My wife and I have two dogs, a 2 year old child and the cheap white/beige colored carpet that I’m sure everyone has seen before. It came with our house when we bought it. We have been living here for 3 years and you don’t realize how dirty your carpets actually get until you clean them. It came to a point where I could not stand to be in my house because the carpets got so bad. As if the dogs weren’t enough, my daughter spilled liquid bubbles everywhere and dirt attaches to the fluid like a magnet. We bought this bissell a week ago and finally finished using it this past weekend. I’m very happy with the results. My carpet looks A LOT better!!

    – It is very easy to use after you understand how to use it.
    – If you compare, side by side, the section you cleaned next to an area you didn’t get to yet you will notice that it does a really good job.
    – The carpets barely get wet and dry incredibly fast for that reason.

    – You really need to understand how to use this before you try for the first time. For example, you need to make sure you change the water before you use it all. If not, it will start to use all of the cleaning solution and it wastes it. The solution isn’t cheap so you want to avoid this from happening. (we did find deals online for larger bottles which make this cost more upfront but over the course of using this it will save you quite a bit)
    – You go through more solution than I would like and you have to change the water fairly often (it isn’t hard to change though).
    – If you have pets, their hair will clump up and lay on the carpet after you’ve cleaned it. Honestly, after the carpets dry I walked around and picked up maybe 5 or 6 quarter sized clumbs and that was it. I didn’t even need to vacuum after.

    The bottom line is that this machine does a really good job after you learn how to use it well. It has it’s pros and cons but what machine doesnt? If you think it’s going to magically make your carpets brand new again you are naive, but if you are looking for something easy to use, fairly inexpensive to buy and something that makes your carpet look a lot better than they did, then this is the machine to get. My wife and I are certainly happy we bought it!

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  3. 37 of 39 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Lifesaver, October 21, 2008
    B. Kennedy

    This review is from: Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, 94003 (Kitchen)

    I did a lot of research before purchasing this item, and I’m very pleased with it. It is easy to use and did a good job getting out some pet stains that my spot cleaning couldn’t get rid of. I’ve already used it 3 or 4 times because I have major dog/child traffic. Using it and even cleaning it up afterwards isn’t much more work than using a vacuum.

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