Bissell Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum – 3950


Bissell Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum – 3950

  • Bissell 3950 New Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum

Two stage cyclonic action for superior suction No messy filters in the dirt container!More bristles and an extra wide cleaning path to reach more dirt Will monitor air flow and let you know when it’s time to clean your filter. 12 amp, upright vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology for cleaner filters Keeps large debris from clogging filters for prolonged, powerful sucking performance Ergonomically designed for maneuverability and cleaning in tight quarters Air-flow indicator shows when filter needs to be cleaned; HEPA filtration Wide cleaning path and more bristles for quickly cleaning in large rooms

List Price: $ 129.00

Price: $ 199.00


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  1. 16 of 17 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Great Vacuum At A Great Price!!!, May 12, 2007
    Kelly Barrett “Tean94” (Clearfield, UT) –

    This review is from: Bissell Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum – 3950 (Kitchen)

    Now to be honest, this is a girly looking vacuum. It looks kinda purplish and two toned at that, in fact, Bissell calls it a Dark Cherry Fiz color. However, my wife liked the color, so that was a selling point for her. It also weighs considerably less than the Dirt Devil did, which was also a major selling point for both my wife and myself. (Yes, I do vacuum when nagged enough!)

    So I brought it home, took it out of the box, and after 3 screws and 15 minutes later, the vacuum was put together. I found the assembly very easy to do, and the instructions quite straight forward.

    Right away I turned on the vacuum and found it very easy to maneuver. The adjustments for the floor height were easy to turn and it actually quieter than my Dirt Devil. All good things to me. Of course my wife and I took off the hose and tested the suction strength on each other, like the cheek, arm, and hair. Very impressive suction strength! Then my 2 yr. old son got upset because he thought that the vacuum was hurting us, so we stopped laughing and put the vacuum hose back.

    I then vacuumed up a small patch of carpet in our spare bedroom, which I only use for my office, but right away my wife yelled at me to turn it off. She pointed out the amount of dust spiralling around the canister, which looked really cool! The cyclonic feature really works! There was a good amount of dust and debris already in the canister. We were both amazed at home much this vacuum had picked up, especially when this room had been vacuumed with the Dirt Devil just last week. Also, the carpet seemed to be fluffier. The 12 amps of power and extra wide 15 inch brush are very effective at cleaning our carpets.

    I was also impressed with the fact that there are 2 filters on this vacuum. One just beneath the canister and a HEPA filter on the side of the vacuum where the air is returned to the room. Also both of these filters are very easy to find, remove, and replace. The canister also is very easy to remove, clean, and replace. A simple locking arm swings to one side to release the canister, then slides back to lock it in place.

    There is also an indicator which changes colors based on the quality of air flow. If it is green, then things are well and air is moving freely. If it turns red then the airflow has become reduced, and if it turns black then there is something blocking the airflow completely. It is very easy to remove the entire hose, you just simply turn the hose on the back of the vacuum until it releases the hose, then you can clear away any blockages that might be in the way.

    The hose is 14 feet long. However, I have not needed to use this feature as of yet, but it is very flexible and stretches easily. The Bissell Velocity Vacuum also comes complete with the dusting brush, TurboBrush, Curved Hose Wand, Extension Wand, and Crevice Tool. The power chord is extremely long at 35 feet, but can be a hassle when you only need a small amount of it for a smaller room. However, it is great when vacuuming a large room, or multiple rooms close to each other!

    The TurboBrush also works great. I used it to vacuum off the stairs and my car. Again the 12 amps of suction strength is evident when the brush gets up to full speed. It really spins fast! I can even press it fairly strong into the carpet and it still spins.

    There was mention that this vacuum seemed to tip over easily, and that is true. I tested this out on both carpet and bare floor. A good nudge or bump anywhere above the Turbo brush will send it falling backwards. Locking wheels would probably have helped in keeping this from happening. If you are going to be pulling on the hose to bring the vacuum closer to you, it is best to do this if the hose is attached to the handle at the bottom of the vacuum. However, I would not recommend this type of action.

    Some people had issues with the power switch being on the front of the vacuum. This is not an issue for me. It is near enough the handle that it takes nothing to reach down and flip it off.

    There isn’t much about this vacuum that I don’t like. It is lightweight, powerful, and easy to use. It is a little back heavy and can tip over fairly easily, and the power chord can be a nuisance because of its length, but those are minor problems.

    For the money, you really can’t go wrong with this vacuum. It will leave your carpets clean, fluffed, and your air filtered. What more can you ask for?


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  2. 14 of 15 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I LOVE this vacuum BETTER than my Oreck!, January 27, 2007
    Shannon B. Paul “shannon-belinda” (La Mesa, CA United States) –

    This review is from: Bissell Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum – 3950 (Kitchen)

    I bought this vacuum last week after finally giving up on my expensive Oreck($450 w/ can vac). For anyone that is doing comparisons before buying a new vacuum, hopefully this will be helpful.

    The Oreck has a very strong suction, but maybe too strong. It did not have any height adjustments either. I couldn’t even push it along my berber carpet(very low pile as to be non-existant) w/o getting a major workout. To the point that it became almost too bothersome to even vacuum. This was my main reason for ditching it. It was very light weight though.

    The Velocity has an equally strong suction, but it is a heavier vacuum. The weight doesn’t bother me. There are 7 height adjustments, so I was able to go from carpet to hardwood floors by flicking a lever. This vacuum pulls itself along! A huge difference from the Oreck! I did get used to having a headlight on the front of the Oreck for vacuuming in dark corners and this one has a light.

    The Oreck does not have on-board tools which I later decided I prefer. (Oreck has a separate canister vac). The Velocity has a small brush attachment, an edger and the most awesome turbo brush attachment! It is perfect for area rugs! I used it on a small white area rug that had turned gray(not even the Oreck can vac could get all the dust out) and is now white again!

    The cord is so wonderfully long, I went from the bedroom all the way down the hall into the kitchen before I had to move the plug to do the family room!

    I didn’t know if I would like not having bags as I’ve only had a Hoover and the Oreck that both used bags. Since I am new to bagless, I didn’t really keep a close eye on the dirt chamber level the first time I used it and had fully exceeded it, so it was a little messy to empty it. So just keep an eye on the fullness level. I do like bagless though and seeing everything this vacuum picks up.

    I am very pleased with the Velocity and look forward now to actually vacuuming again! The Bissell Velocity is one of the least expensive of the bagless cyclonic vacuums, so I wouldn’t necessarily say you have to spend a ton of money to get a better vacuum. I will update this if my opinion changes for any reason.

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