1. XD That was funny at the beginning with the Jeremy Clarkson style explanation on what’s wrong with the vacuum, but the most epic part was when you bisected it with the golf club and split it open with the sledge! Chalk up another vacuum for the Invincible Iron! Can’t wait for part 2 XD!

  2. I’ll say one thing about bagless vacuums, they’re cheaper to run. With bagged models, you gotta keep buying bags and that really adds up.
    It is disgusting dumping the crap out all the time though, and it is easier to just grab the bag and toss it.

    LOL you almost didn’t need to smash it, just from every day use these things automatically self-destruct HAHA

    HAHA beating it with it’s own hose LOL

  3. Lol we need more people like you to teach these cheap modern POS’s a lesson! I don’t understand why people throw away perfectly good vintage stuff just to buy something thats gonna break in a years time when the stuff that they had before would last another 20 years! I’m sorry but that just gets me worked up!

  4. When I was a little boy, my parents had a Dirt Devil Bag Vaccum Cleaner and I did not like it that much because it made alot of noise (more like a grindy noise). I think it’s because after many usages, the vaccum was falling apart and my parents never maintained it except change the bag.

  5. Yes, I agree. If you did not know, the older vaccums made in the U.S.A had the dirt go through the fan and into the bag. I call it bypass or direct dirt suction. There was a slot to where the hose can be conected so the dirt and dust can go through the fan and into the Bag. This chinese made vaccum has what I like to call Indirect Suction. Where the dirt gets sucked through the hose and into the bagless container. While the air goes through the filter leaving the dust behind.And so on.

  6. I just hate the new ones because they’re made in china to look really fancy on the outside but they’re made with cheap components. and bagless vacuums suck because you have to clean the nasty filters


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