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Kate D need help to clarify doubt about : cleaning job?
im a student who has been offered a holiday job with a cleaning company. i havnt been told much about the job and I start tomorrow. I’m a bit confused what sort of cleaning these companies do? will it invlove professional carpet cleaning, cos I have no idea how to do that and dont know what it involves. i worked as a cleaner a year ago but that was only in my local school where I mainly did mopping and hoovering. does anyone know what sort of work i might have to do?

Try this:

Answer by Gudsud55
Your employers shall guide you, before assigning you.

You are likely to do mopping, hoovering, window panes, replacing towels, refile liquid soaps, replace fresheners etc.

Most of the cleaning of institutions are out sourced and done with help of specialised machines in India.

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