Electrolux Nimble Upright Vacuum, EL8602A


  • Multi-Cyclonic
  • Sealed HEPA Filtration
  • 12 AMP of Power
  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Cleans Carpets and Barefloors

Conquering the twists and turns that come with cleaning, the Electrolux Nimble is a bagless upright vacuum that combines swivel steering and pure power for superior cleaning, even in a home full of hurdles.

Nimble’s maneuverability, powerful performance and innovative features demonstrate Electrolux’s commitment to inventive cleaning solutions and make it the ultimate clean machine for customers seeking a convenient, quality clean.

Swivel Action Guidance System

Nimble’s swivel steering system effortlessly maneuvers into hard-to-reach areas and around furniture. Its lightweight, 18-pound frame effortlessly glides around the room and cleans with ease.


To keep the filter clean a

List Price: $ 399.99

Price: $ 399.99


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Compared to Dyson DC33 — and I really, really like it!, April 18, 2011
    Nathaniel Allen (Oakland) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Electrolux Nimble Upright Vacuum, EL8602A (Kitchen)

    –> (11/23/13: Check the bottom of this review for a couple of updates)
    A quick summary: This unit cleans great! No problems with pet hair, edge suction is very good (much better than anything I’ve used previously), and the cleaning wand & hose setup is ingenious (though largely copied from Dyson’s DC33). Dumping the dust bin is a snap, with a few less parts than Dyson, and is a relatively clean process. The pivoting handle may be a little bit gimmicky, but it does indeed cause the vacuum’s head to turn towards the direction it’s tilted.

    I’ll preface this review by noting I have the green Nimble, model 8605 sold at Lowe’s, but the review I wrote for that item a couple of days ago seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. Oh well — these are identical vacs, with the exception of the color and the extra attachment included with the green one. Apologies for the duplicate reviews.

    A possible point of confusion on that difference between models, from the product website itself: Electrolux lists this gray model (8602) with a roller brush on/off switch (hardwood floor mode), while showing the green (8605) instead with the bonus hose attachment, as if the on/off brush control isn’t included. Rest assured, the green vac has the brush on/off switch as well.

    I came from a Sharp EC12TW, which was the Consumer magazine Reports’ top pick some 14 years ago, largely due to its solid performance and “library quiet” operation. I can confirm the Nimble easily matches that low volume level — not at all high pitched or noisy, especially compared to an Oreck XL Pro I brought home for a few days and quickly returned. A good gauge for me is the dog doesn’t freak out, and anybody in a neighboring room isn’t disturbed, but it doesn’t mean you’ll maintain a conversation at normal levels while you’re pushing this around the house.

    My search narrowed to the Dyson DC25 and DC33, as well as a Hoover model that featured a retractable cord. The Nimble easily matches the features of the DC33 in a number of respects: the Nimble has a reasonably low head height, making it possible to duck under couches and low tables just enough for day-to-day cleaning. Compare this to the DC33, which has a very tall head that grows even taller when the handle is lowered to the operating position. The Dyson won’t get under anything but the highest furniture.

    The Nimble has a very similar pull-out, self retracting “elastic” hose design, but without Dyson’s annoying “sleeve sucker” port at the top of the handle. As soon as the cleaning wand at the free end of the hose is clicked out of the back of the unit (simple button press ejects the wand), the brush stops turning and suction swithces to the hose/wand. It works quite well, though with one annoyance: the handle-grip itself can be used as a very effective short, hairdryer sized “cleaning pistol” versus using the full length wand shown in the picture of the woman on the stairs in the Amazon stock photos. However, if just the “pistol” is pulled out, but the wand is left docked to the vac, the suction never changes over to the hose. The long wand needs to be clicked out, even if it’s not going to be used. Once clicked out, the wand *can* be left sitting loosely in its dock; it doesn’t need to be completely removed and set aside.

    The rotating brush on/off buttons are located right under the soft-touch power button high up at the top of the vac’s body. not down at the base of the unit. Very convenient. There are also two warning lights there, one for the filter and one for the brush. My brush warning light illuminated immediately, true to some of the reviews I stumbled across on a vacuum cleaner web forum. But later when I went back to investigate the cause of the light, I found everything to be operating properly, and the light was off. Important to note that if the cleaning wand is not securely fastened (clicked in) to the body, the roller won’t operate, but this in and of itself shouldn’t have caused the warning light to illuminate.

    My green Lowe’s model came with three attachments. The soft brush and ‘Y’ nozzle are standard, but the green Nimble comes with an extra nozzle with a suction-powered mini roller brush. In practice, this device works quite well, though the roller RPMs quickly bog down and will stop if held directly against a plush carpet. In reality, I believe a small, stiff bristle floor brush would be just as effective and very welcome. The ‘Y’ nozzle works OK as a crevice tool when closed, but isn’t so useful when fully spread open and used on flat surfaces, due to the lint brush-like material that covers the bottom, rather than conventional brush bristles. It’s better on hard surfaces, not so useful on carpet.

    The LED headlights on this thing are awesomely bright, but I continue to question the usefulness other than as a “cool factor.” I don’t vacuum in the dark. I would much more appreciate LED…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent vacuum, especially for the price, May 9, 2011

    This review is from: Electrolux Nimble Upright Vacuum, EL8602A (Kitchen)
    We researched just about every single vacuum out there before purchasing the Electrolux Nimble. We found it on sale at our local Target, so we picked it up for right around $250. While we were obviously tempted to purchase a Dyson, there were just too many negative reviews to justify spending almost double what we did on this vacuum. The first day we brought it home we ran the test where we vacuumed our carpet with our old vacuum and then with the Nimble. We live in a fairly small home, and had to empty the canister THREE times while vacuuming! I could not believe the hair, dust, dirt, everything that this vacuum picked up.
    *Putting it together was beyond easy and took less than two minutes.
    *The canister is SO easy to empty.
    *It is what I would consider lightweight-I am currently 9 months pregnant and had no trouble lifting or pushing the vacuum.
    *The washable HEPA filter. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on a product only to find out that you’ll have to continue spending more money for little things like filters. I love that we can just wash this one.
    *The 5 year warranty is great for us as a young couple without tons of disposable income. We know our investment will be taken care of for several years.
    *The attachments have worked well for us so far, I don’t find the stair attachment hard to use at all, and the extendable hose is great.
    *The 30 ft. power cord is very convenient.
    *Glides easily and swivels around furniture with no problem.
    *Doesn’t lose suction, and makes fantastic vacuumed carpet lines.

    *The base of the vacuum is kind of bulky, it doesn’t really fit under our beds or furniture. Not really a huge inconvenience, but it would be nice if it was a little slimmer.
    *As other reviewers have said, it’s a little bit loud, but it’s not an annoying vacuum sound, so I don’t find it that bothersome.

    Overall we are more than satisfied!


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