does anybody know of a vacuum cleaner that actually works?


djbod2006 need help to clarify doubt about : does anybody know of a vacuum cleaner that actually works?
All I’m looking for is a vacuum cleaner that does what it’s supposed to do–suck up dirt. Is there one brand better than the others? What about this dyson brand that’s way expensive? is it worth the price?

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Answer by biganess
I was always leary of dropping a fortune on Dyson, but I decided to do it – it was the best choice I made. I love Dyson, I even run the Rainbow salesmen off once I bring out the dyson

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  1. All vacuum cleaners only work well for a period of time. Every vacuum cleaner, even hepa’s etc. only work for a short period. I keep one two or three years and then buy a new one. They only suck for awhile. It’s a fact. Good luck. I’ve have had many brands, super expensive, cheap and Hoover. They all poop out within the same general time frame. I do think some of the ones that are specialized for pet hair suck more for longer. Look into what the vacuum is supposed to be for.

  2. Dyson. We have a Dyson and we are very pleased with it’s performance. The price in terms of quality is comparable since if you were to divide the cost of the unit by the number of years of use I think you will notice that you will have probably bought a couple of other vacs to do the same joband spent more. That’s only my opinion hope this helps.

  3. A dyson is worth it! I will never use anything else. Here is a link to the dyson home page. They are very convincing with their claims, and let me tell you, it is as good as they say, if not better!

  4. This question is asked on daily basis.. First weigh out your options.. Is your old vacuum worth repairing ? It may just need an overall clean/check, filter replacement or belt.. That could save you a lot of money in the long haul.. Most people on here are going to say DYSON it’s expensive, I ‘ve used one and they are all right.. I have a HOOVER SAVVY which was rated about as good as a DYSON overall. It cost about $ 200, and it has some colors if you want a “fashionable” vacuum.. When I got the vacuum I also got the extended service warranty it was under $ 100 for an additional 3 yrs. of service.. Which normally I don’t buy but, I had broken many a vacuum so what the heck.. Well, my Hoover worked really well for about a yr. and then it just stopped “sucking”, so I called the 1-800 and got my vacuum in for servicing at a HOOVER dealer that happened to be right by my house ! It needed some TLC… It didn’t cost me anything.. Now since I have the warranty service I take my vacuum in about once every 3 months and have a clean/check.. Sometimes, I”ll make up something wrong so it gets fixed under warranty.. The most I’ve had to spend in the 4+yrs. I’ve had it is to replace the filter that’s $ 40 every two yrs… So, my advice to you is to pick a vacuum that fits your budget and get the expanded service warranty and have your vacuum serviced on a regular basis you would be surprised at just how long a vacuum can/will last if you take care of it… Good luck

  5. Dyson – Animal version. It’s amazing. A friend told me about it. Both she and her mother love it. When our old Hoover broke down, we splurged on the Dyson – Animal model. We’ve had it about 6 months and continued to be happy with it.

  6. I have had many many vacuum’s over the years. I have had….Kenmore, Hoover, Oreck, Rubbermaid, Eureka, Dirt Devil, Regina, etc., etc., etc……But, the most recent purchase (March 07) a Dyson Animal w/ ball .
    Oh my goodness!!!!!! For years I have put off a Dyson because of the expense, usually around $ 549 to $ 599.
    I was watching television one day & flipping channels & found it for $ 499 on sale at HSN w/ free shipping !! Very good deal. So, I decided to give it a try. Plus they have a 30 day no questions asked/ hassle free return policy.
    In the past 6 years I have bought 4 vacuums. One for $ 450. One for $ 300. One for $ 175. One for $ 40.
    I tried & tried to find a vacuum that I felt was cleaning my carpets well enough. I have 3 dogs & 2 cats.
    When I got my Dyson, I took the Dyson challenge. I vacuumed one room twice with a very well known & expensive vacuum cleaner. Then I used the Dyson. I had to empty the cup 3 times!!!!!! I was disgusted with all the dirt, yes DIRT, & hair that the other vacuum had left behind. So, needless to say…… I kept the Dyson.
    I gave the Oreck to my brother. My sister gets the Kenmore & the Rubber Maid stays in the basement. OH & the $ 40 vacuum?! Yeah, it worked for about 1 week. Only cleaned my son’s bedroom carpet 2 x & it was done for.
    Here are the pluses about the Dyson. No bags to keep replacing. Also, the filters…..washable. So, even though the expense seems high, for me & my family…… it was well worth it. Now the dogs & cats can stay. 😉
    Hope this helps.

  7. how much money you want to spend how humid is your tempature where you live,, trouble with vacuum cleaners is the tube clogges up with dirt and moist grime, slowly closing the hose from the head,, I just buy cheapo 50 dollar dirt devils and change the bag every couple of weeks, and about once a month pull it apart to clean the tube of dirt,, any if not all vacuums get dirt in their motors creating failure,, I have had my devil for a year, bought a new one because useless step son broke the last one so it wouldnt stand up, it still worked fine but pissed me off so much when it wouldnt stand I bought another,

  8. I’m a vacuum cleaner expert. What’s that you say? I’ve called myself this because I have encountered every personality associated with vacuuming. First rule? NOBODY broke it themselves. No, it was always the kids, a sister who borrowed it, or the spouse.
    Every personality has a vacuum made for them.
    ie. ” I hate dirt. Ooh yuk!”
    that personality you’d think bagless right?
    WRONG! These people don’t even want to LOOK at dirt. They can’t even stomach looking at it spinning in a container
    Okay, so now I’m going to jump to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Is this you?
    ” I am so sick of buying these pieces of crap! I just want a vacuum that will go and go and go”
    Here then is what I recommend. These are extremely well made and will last forever, BUT you have to know how to unclog ANY vacuum. That’s right ANY vacuum will clog. Even Dyson. In fact a Dyson will clog faster and with more of a compressed clog. Why? Because it has MORE suction.
    So, here is my master list.
    BEST VACUUM EVER MADE, but often hated because it is a little bit of work to use. That’s a myth. Just like your favorite car might not have power steering…you get used to what you love, right?
    Okay…The Rainbow D4
    Built like a Sherman tank and will work forever.
    The Filterqueen (ANY, but I love my Majestic)
    (those were canisters…hate’m regardless, okay then here are the best uprights, both old tried and true, and new:
    -it’s cast aluminum,basic dome style look(you know the look of your basic vacuum of the 70’s right?) This has a thick, heavy solid aluminum roller underneath. The Vibragroomer is what they designed the SANITAIRE from.except the Sanitaire is plastic. I like the extra weight of the aluminum. Plus the Eureka’s have paper bags (STILL readily available F&G bags).
    ALSO OLD: Kirby Sanitronic, It’s lightweight and will go over any surface. The later kirbys got heavy. However, the new G series are self propelled. A real STEAL IS THE KIRBY G4. You can get one on Ebay WITH every attachment including the shampoo attachment ( which works great to MAINTAIN a carpet. It’s use of “dry foam actually brings out the shiny look of the carpet for years. Steam tends to strip the color)
    All of the Kirby G series are identical regardless of what pushy salesmen say. They are what gives these very solid and well engineered vacuums a bad name. New Kirbys lose their value by about 50% the first year and 10-15% per year thereafter. That’s why the G4-G5’s are such a GREAT VALUE.


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