1. I don’t own one but I sell them…Windtunnel is a really good vac..As a matter of fact the bagged self-propelled version is Consumer Reports number one this year..
    The key to the bagless is to keep that chamber filter clean…And don’t set the height adjustment too low because Windtunnels to have a tendensy to break belts more often than some other vacs…
    It sounds like you got a steal at 84 bucks.. 🙂

  2. I had two different ones and they both were garbage. The last one broke twice under warranty and again shortly out of warranty and Hoover would not do anything about it. It broke all three times for the same issue.

    I bought a Bissell and will never have another Hoover product. The stuff the Bissell pulled out of the carpets that the Hoover was leaving behind was totally disgusting! And the Bissell was not a top of the line model either! 6 years later that sweeper is still running!


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