Dog hair all over…?


Not sure if actually a dog question but I’m looking for a new vacuum that works well on dog/cat hair. I prefer bagless/cyclonic and under 0. What does everyone else use to clean up hair that would be a good recommendation? Been reading reviews online that are all negative about cleaning up hair.


  1. I’ve had a lot of dogs and a lot of vacuums over the years – what you’ll get from a $200 vacumn is the need to replace it in a year or two (if you have the type of fur issue I have).

    For the money – the Dyson Animal is great (and it’s purple which is always a plus in my opinion!!)

    Edit: I’m hoping it’s Maureens *vacuums* living in the basement!!! (I have multiple dead vacuums living in the garage – I’d have more but I moved and got rid of a bunch)

  2. I dont have carpeting, and several of my pets are hairless… so I cant offer much for pesonal advice.

    Many people I know do say they love their dyson’s tho.. they are abit more than $200, but still a LOT cheaper than other high-end vaccumes. It may be more worth it for you to save up a little bit more and invest in a dyson.

  3. I have yet to find a vac for under $200 that works on pet hair. I’m happy with my Dyson. Pricey, but has a great gaurantee. My other favorite though it isn’t bagless, is my Kenmore canister. That retails for a bit under $300.

  4. we dont have carpets, so we just use one of the little "stick broom" type of vaccums. it works great. i think its hoover, but i dont remember (my mom bought it for me). we have 2 black dogs, so we totally get the tumbleweeds of hair around the house


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